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Please beware that the following text was part of this year’s April’s fools joke. We decided not to delete this post, but add this message. Please see @TheAssassin’s reply in the comments for more details on the context of this joke.

We’re proud to announce that we have found an agreement with the Google Play team, so that we’re finally ready to release NewPipe in Google Play!

Christian and I have been working with Google in the background for almost two years now. It took us a lot of effort to convince Google of the advantages of free software, and this allowed us to persuade them of allowing us to release NewPipe and all related software built by Team NewPipe in Google Play.

We may not disclose the financial details of the agreement, but we can tell you that all the NewPipe features that prevented it from being released in the Play Store will be available.

We are going to need 2 weeks for several preparations, and will update this blog post once we have finally published the release. So stay tuned!

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