Welcome to NewPipe's press kit!

About NewPipe

NewPipe is an Open Source streaming client for Android. Our goal is to provide privacy-friendly access to existing streaming services like YouTube. The app is designed in such a way that it only transports information necessary for playing the media to external servers and thus protects the privacy of its users.

A good user experience is important to the developers of NewPipe. Therefore, the app offers many solutions for all possible situations. In this way, the resolution and codecs of the video and audio can be set to save data volume in mobile networks. Likewise, NewPipe's video popup and background players make it possible to seamlessly integrate videos and music into daily mobile phone use.

Quick information:

  • Current stable version: 0.25.2 (Effective 2th September 2023)
  • Initial release: 4. September 2015
  • Founder: Christian Schabesberger
  • Available translations: 110
    You can find a list with all current supported languages at Weblate.
  • Contributors: 790+
  • App store: F-Droid

Because NewPipe and F-Droid guarantee high privacy standards to their users, we cannot give you any information about the number of downloads, active installations or the countries where our users come from, because we do not collect it.

About NewPipe Extractor

NewPipe Extractor is the system independent core part of NewPipe. It provides every requested information about the current services from the user URI to video and audio URIs and the video's views and likes. NewPipe Extractor is used in other streaming applications like Piped or SkyTube.

About Team NewPipe

Team NewPipe are the main developers of the NewPipe app and the NewPipe Extractor. At April 2020 they counted twelve developers who work voluntarily on this Open Source project. All work of NewPipe's developers is independent and is not funded by any company or governmental institution but by single donations of private persons.

Last modified: September 2023