NewPipe 0.20.1 released: YouTube search fixed

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So this is a “hot” fix, as they say. Since the previous post was so long (too long) this will be positively tiny in comparison. Let’s dive right into it.


  • Decryption error (“Could not load decryption code for the Youtube service.”): When you try to open video details for any video, you could randomly encounter this error, because YouTube doesn’t send over the relevant data. (YouTube is a bit moody like that.)

    • We haven’t caught the culprit yet, so for now we just retry a few times to bypass this error.
  • Search error (“Could not get ytInitialData”): When you enter a search term and tap enter, sometimes no search results are shown, and an error snackbar is shown at the bottom instead. (Maybe not moody, but shy?)

    • YouTube sometimes provides data in a slightly different form, which NewPipe can now understand and process correctly.


  • Failing SoundCloud test: A reference account that NewPipe runs internal tests on changed its name at some point (sneaky sneaky!), causing those tests to fail. The name has been updated.

  • Parsing of trailing slash: URLs which have a forward slash at the end are not supported consistently by SoundCloud, so NewPipe now removes it before using the URL for further processing.

That’s it! Enjoy your day.

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