NewPipe 0.21.12 and .13 released: Check completed

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Uhm yeah… we’d like to check something, but Android did not allow us to do so, but now it does! Time for a quick fix!

Edit: Make that 2 quick fixes.

Long time, no see. Well, not today. A nasty little bug slipped through our testing process.

Two misplaced lines of code barred some users from using NewPipe. Their purpose is to start the check for new NewPipe versions. We changed how the check was executed in the last version. Turned out that we missed a thing there. The check is started during the startup of the app. However, we were a little too ambitious. In some cases the check is executed when the app is still started and not displayed, i.e. in background. That was okay for how the check was done previously, but combined with the new structure this is considered illegal by Android.

We ensured to start the check later, once the app is not in background anymore. No rule breaking by NewPipe at app start anymore.
No guarantee for other parts of the app. Terms and conditions apply ;)

Once we released that version, we thought everything was great, but at last, it was not. The same logic applies, we just had to change how we pull this off in our code. This is why we had to release another hot fix. We also squeezed in a fix for the “Resume playback” setting. Since 0.21.11, the video just started from the beginning, though you already watched it for some part. Now the video starts again where you left off, as long as you enabled this in the settings.

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