The lightweight
YouTube experience
for Android

Do you like watching videos on YouTube but want an intuitive, feature-rich and privacy friendly app for that?

NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.

The application is open source and you can check on it at GitHub.

Main Features

NewPipe - the smart streaming solution



Battery Saving

Little Data Consumption

Offline usage

offline functionality

Customize your offline experience:

  • Set title
  • Choose between video, audio or captions
  • Select the most suitable file format
  • Use the resolution you need

Extended Privacy

privacy spelled

We protect your privacy

  • No proprietary Google APIs
  • Only send information which are required to get video and channel details
  • Decide what information we keep
  • We store everything offline on your device

Background Player

background playlist

Listen to your favourite music while using other apps:

  • Play in background
  • Pro tip: close NewPipe to save RAM and battery
  • Create playlists for an endless music experience
  • Save mobile data volume (we only download the audio)


subscriptions list

Never miss updates again:

  • Subscribe to a channel with one click
  • Use your custom feed
  • Watch your favourite channels
  • Easily import and export your local subscriptions from other devices

Bookmarks and Local Playlists

bookmark view

Endless music

  • Create your own playlists
  • Import playlists
  • Mark your favourite videos
  • Import your data on other devices to save time


watched history

Go back in time

  • Watch your favourites again
  • Search suggestions based on your last searches
  • Easily open what you watch most
  • Control what we keep for you

Supported Services

YouTube is one of the most popular video and live streaming platforms, including music, news, gaming and much more.
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PeerTube is a decentralized video platform.
Any PeerTube instance can be added to NewPipe.
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SoundCloud is a streaming platform for music.
visit service website
Bandcamp is an artist-friendly platform for sharing music.
It offers user-friendly DRM-free downloads.
visit service website is the video archive and live streaming platform of the German hacker and information security activist group Chaos Computer Club.
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And more to come!

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Get NewPipe

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Android 5+
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Android 4.1+

Release Highlights

  • Support for searching for playlists and channels on PeerTube
  • Subscriber count below channel name on video details page
  • Copy hashtags/URLs in the video description with long pressing now
  • New Appearance settings: Card view for videos in lists
  • Handle duplicate streams on playlist creation
  • UI improvements
  • Multiple fixes

Blog post

Need help?

  • Did you enable unknown sources?
  • Do you have problems updating?

First steps

NewPipe is free and open source

Your advantages

  • Quick help when you have a problem (nobody's ever had one)
  • Dozens of people bring NewPipe forward and translate it into 60+ languages.
  • You can check the source code on GitHub and contribute to NewPipe.
  • NewPipe is covered by the GPL 3.0 license.
  • Get NewPipe from F-Droid and discover more FOSS apps.
  • NewPipe is available for free

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Support NewPipe

Why NewPipe is free

  • We love what we are doing
  • NewPipe is powered by a growing community
  • Our goal is to make the internet a more free (libre) place and open it for everyone
  • Your donations cover a majority of our costs
  • F-Droid, Weblate, Sentry and other companies offer their services to open source projects for free

Like the idea?

We hope so! But don't forget, a lot of time and energy goes into this, and we share it with you.

We offer you ways to support our work by donations - so we can get some extra snacks during work!