NewPipe bids farewell to freenode, and can now be found on Libera.Chat

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We have provided more details below, but if you do not need/care about this or already know what this is about, here is a TL;DR: NewPipe has an active IRC channel where developers and users chat and ask/answer questions. This channel has been moved from freenode to the brand new Libera.Chat network. We no longer provide a channel on freenode, and urge you to leave that network as soon as possible.

This is the new address of the official NewPipe IRC channel:

You can join using your IRC client, their hosted web app or Matrix.

Short notice

Hi. You probably clicked on this blog post expecting our usual in-depth explanation of the current situation, along with an elaborate technical background so you can understand everything. However, we only want to link to a separate article like we did with the youtube-dl DMCA strike. This one written on Ars Technica provides a good overview in our opinion. If you want to know more about this, we urge you to use the search engine of your choice and read up. What we can tell you, however is what you have to do with your IRC client to join our channel #newpipe. A comprehensive connection guide can be found on Libera.Chat’s homepage.

Initially, we wanted to keep the channel on freenode open to ease the transition to the new network. However, last night we found that it was forcefully closed by the “new management”. The reason, you ask? It mentioned our move to Libera.Chat, and this was labeled “spam” and “off-topic”. People who join anew are now redirected to ##newpipe, which is neither under our control, nor an official NewPipe channel. This happened to hundreds of channels, apparently.

Our heartfelt apology to all Matrix users who won’t be able to communicate with us for now. Good news: the bridge will be up in a few days, according to the Matrix team.

Update: The Matrix bridge is up and running, so you can join us using your Matrix account. Hello Matrix users, nice to have you around as well!

If you clicked on this blog post expecting a new NewPipe version, don’t worry, you can find it here. It is a very calm release, nothing stress-inducing. Just the perfect thing after this exhausting move of IRC networks.

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