NewPipe talk during FSFE Assembly on 34C3

18 Dec 2017, by TheAssassin

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In December, the annual Chaos Communication Congress will take place. This is the 34th time hackers from all around the world meet and attend the largest hacker convention in Europe.

Like last year Christian Schabesberger, the initial author and primary maintainer of NewPipe will talk about the development progress of this year, and the roadmap of the next year. This time, we hope that there will be a camera so that a video of the talk can be shot.


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Team NewPipe start blog

18 Dec 2017, by TheAssassin

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After two years of development, we decided to keep you up a little better about what we do. Therefore, today, we introduce our new blog, which will be used to announce releases, changes, and keep you up with all the cool stuff we work on.

Since we started this blog only recently, we haven’t decided on how to use it, and whether we consider publishing third-party posts. Therefore, feel free to contact us with ideas and/or texts. See this page for information how to get in touch with us.


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