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NewPipe 0.25.2: Nan desu ka!?

NewPipe 0.21.6 released: Deleted channels, SAF (for real!) and hashtags!

NewPipe 0.21.4 released: Details, details, I need more details!

NewPipe 0.21.3 released: Install NewPipe on your SD card!

NewPipe 0.21.1 released: EU Consent Cookie Hotfix

NewPipe 0.21.0 released: What? NewPipe is evolving!

NewPipe 0.20.11 released: Hotfixing YouTube and SoundCloud

NewPipe 0.20.8 released: attending rC3 made easy!

NewPipe 0.20.7 released: YouTube Mix support, bug fixes and many improvements

NewPipe 0.20.4 released: Important fixes and smaller improvements

NewPipe 0.20.3 released: YouTube loads MUCH faster!

NewPipe 0.20.1 released: YouTube search fixed

NewPipe 0.18.7 released: Hotfixing SoundCloud

NewPipe 0.18.6 released: Hotfix for the last hotfix

NewPipe 0.18.5 released: Hotfix for an upcoming issue

NewPipe 0.18.2 released: Hotfix for the YouTube Extractor

NewPipe 0.18.0 released, adding PeerTube support

NewPipe release retrospection: 0.17.1 - 0.17.4

We lost donations through a Bitcoin scam

NewPipe 0.16.2 released, improving comments UI

NewPipe 0.15.1 released, adding update notifications

NewPipe 0.14.1 released, fixing critical YouTube bug